Friday, July 29, 2011


What is it exactly that generates emotions?
What makes emotions the ruling and dictating factor of lives?
What forces the output of emotions to be the paramount purpose for existence?

So many around me exist, thrive, succeed, fail, impress – like a shooting star does when you manage to get a glimpse of its trajectory, proving true once again to our vile nature by wishing for something against the death of a star – and perish.

Complicated words, complex behaviors, convoluted texts, an overflow of facts, data, theories and opinions, beliefs and wishes, all rushing down on the sponge that is humanity, attempting to impress, to stand out with a known, planned lifespan of a glimpse.

And we absorb, all of it… so fast and so much that it is impossible to keep up with it, so we retain nothing.

I am baffled. I once dreamt of writing. I now dread the prospect of ever getting around to do it. Not because there would be no room or no point for such an action but because of the imminent oblivion.

Transient is the name of the game today, and the root source of the problem. Nothing is here to stay, so nothing is well and thoroughly done. It’s here today, was there yesterday, it will be gone tomorrow; if it reaches the sky great. If not, it falls without a marked difference; but with or without one, it will fall….

Like emotions; they come, they cause havoc, they may or may not make a difference and they disappear. And then… then they are forgotten, making space for a new set, a new cycle.

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Littlewind said...

Sometimes, they just hide and show up when you are not ready for them.